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Clans 1.0

HostMsg 1.2

Hstutils 1.0

Tear_It 1.0

Tons Msg 1.0

JgVis 2.1b

Astr2Msg version 1.2
(c) 1996 Jean-Marie Clement

This little utility allow the Host to send Asteroids status (X,Y,H,W)
taken from Asteroid.log to the VGAP 3.0 Dos players (Windows player will
have them on starchars as Ufo). This allow your Dos player using some
utility like VPA 3.50a to see exact location of Asteroids on starchars.

Download Astr2Msg ( 5 kb )

Clans 1.0
A faster planet colonization for Vga Planets Host 3.2

If you are tired of carring colonists and supplies around the universe to
colonize planets, this utility may help you.
It uses the auxhost feature of version 3.2 and whenever a player unloads 1
clan on an unexplored planet, on the next turn he/she gets 100 clans and 100
factories already built.

Download Clans 1.0 ( 33 kb )

HostMsg 1.2
Automatic message from host to players for VGA Planets host 3.2

The program sends on each turn a message to the players with current turn time stamp and a customizable message. This message can give instructions on how to send the .trn file, the aim of the game, when the turns are processed. Create the file hostmsg.txt with the text of the message in the directory of
the game data. It cannot have more than 19 lines and each line cannot be longer than 40characters (see the included hostmsg.txt as an example).

Download HostMsg 1.2 ( 34 kb )

by Jean-Marie Clement

This is a very simple utility for Vga Planets Host. With multiple (!)
1) It allow you to control what player?.trn are present before hosting,
and stamp it on a log file called hstutils.log. It will also make a
stattrn.log file that will conserve the history of all turn processing
with there turn number (+1).

2) It allow you to make a more readable score.log, with the turn
number, individual player score and (if found teams.nm) team score.
Optional with tons score.

Download Hstutils 1.0 ( 10 kb )

Tear_it v.1.0 by DagonSoft

Tear_it is a host add-on product for VGA Planets. It will convert any VGA Planets map in a spherical map.
Taer_it (v.1.0) allows you to convert only cicular map where you must know its radius and the starting centre coordinates.

Download Tear_It 1.0 ( 24 kb )

TonsMsg 1.0

VGA Planets 3.2 host utility

On each turn host 3.2 records on the file tons.hst the number of
kilotons of enemy ships that a race sunk in ship to ship combat.
TonsMsg converts this file in a message for each race.

Download TonsMsg 1.0 ( 21 kb )

JGVIS 2.1b

JGVIS enables your DOS clients to see Jump Gates exactly as Windows
clients already do; simply sending them a msg with Jump gate coordinates. This is a public domain software. You can freely use it as you like, but at
the same time I don't have to do anything for you... for no reason. This is all.

Download JGVIS 2.1b  ( 44 kb )